Colorado Mountain College (CMC) and the Garfield County Department of Human Services (DHS) have been partnering to provide workforce training and educational services to the community under the umbrella of GarCo Enterprise. One component of that program, GarCo Design Works, will be discontinued after the current agreement ends June 30.


While we are both greatly appreciative of the community support, client enthusiasm and employee focus this program has received over the years, we want to examine new options for modernized workforce training that will better prepare more county clients for the changing workplace. This might include training for people who want to work remotely, or for those who want to learn other similar skills. In addition, we are working on an agreement that addresses other parts of GarCo Enterprise, such as LINK and Family Fridays.


As responsible stewards of public funds, CMC and DHS will continue partnering together on innovative training that reflects the evolution of the changing times in the workforce.

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Wear Capes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GarCo Design Works switched from producing bags to making face masks. In the beginning, our masks went exclusively to the local medical community. We partnered with CSU Extension and 4-H on the Garfield County Community Mask Effort that coordinated volunteers to sew cloth masks at home that were then distributed to essential businesses and organizations. The Community Mask Effort distributed almost 1,000 masks. GarCo Design Works has made over 5,000 reusable masks.


The Program

Our students come from many different backgrounds and experiences. Within a few weeks, you learn many different life and job skills including time management, using an industrial machine, creating patterns, self-awareness and self- esteem, and seeing a project from start to finish. We create reusable bags from recycled and repurposed fabrics -- finding new and exciting ways to look at things. 

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As a sponsored program through Colorado Mountain College, we have our roots planted in higher education. We teach trade skills and how to work on personal goals, as well as help with any transitions into educational programs. We are a part of GarCo Enterprise, a program that helps prepare you for life, school, and work. We are just a part of the larger community that works together to make sure you have the chance to "show 'em what you've got."

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We focus on empowering our communities by helping individuals. We meet each student knowing that different experiences create different people -- however, we all come together knowing that we're here for the greater good. We work on making things great while we have the chance.

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"No people can be truly happy

if they do not feel that they are 

choosing the course of their own life"

World Happiness Report 2012

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